Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweater Sleeve Scarf

I was window shopping online this afternoon and discovered the "Reclaimed Sweater Sleeve Scarf" on the Uncommon Goods website. A company called Green 3 partnered with Goodwill and makes the scarves out of repurposed sweater sleeves.

I think that the whole idea behind recycling apparel is really cool. It also seems to be a very popular DIY topic in the blogosphere; which makes sense when you find out that a Reclaimed Sweater Sleeve Scarf goes for $32. Yikes! Sooooo....I decided to try my hand at repurposing and make my own scarf. Here's how it went down.

I started out with this sweater that I got last winter at Value Village for $2.99. It had become a victim of my overeagerness. I bought a bunch of sweaters in hope of trying a scarf project from Made by Lex...but, alas, I waited too long & spring arrived. If I couldn't find motivation in the cold months, you can imagine how difficult it was to think about winter accessories in the warm weather. Impossible. So I was excited to put at least one sweater to use for this project.

Ok, demolition time. I cut off the sleeves, the waist, and the center section.

I ended up with 5 pieces of various lengths. Each was about 7 inches wide. Note: I later decided to shorten the piece at the very top of the above photo because my scarf was going to be WAY too long. I cut off about 3/4 of the length.

I got out my handy dandy sewing machine and started putting the pieces together. Keep in mind that this is only my 2nd sewing project. It could all go horribly wrong in an instant... ;)

After all the pieces were sewn together, it was time to stitch up the rest of the scarf to create the "sleeve" effect.

Final step: turn the scarf right side out and...voilà!!

A sweater sleeve scarf for only $2.99!!

I realize that my version of the scarf is a little different. Instead of using sleeve panels from several different colorful sweaters, I just used one gray sweater for the whole project. I also realize that my sewing skills are downright primitive and no match for a company such as Green 3. Nonetheless, I sort of like my little scarf. If nothing else, it's one of a kind. :)

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