Sunday, October 17, 2010


My mom arranged for my aunt Margie to come for a visit this month. She's lived in Georgia for decades, but tries to journey back to Washington every few years. This time she flew into the SeaTac airport and we made a quick trip to Seattle to pick her up. When I say "we", I mean my mom, my sister Sammi, and I. The three of us haven't gone on a roadtrip in years, so this was a rare treat.
Overall, we had a great time! We drove to Seattle on Tuesday, spent some time at the Southcenter Mall, watched a movie (Life As We Know It), and then picked Margie up at the airport that night. The next day we headed home. And what a drive that was!! We found Sammi's old Aqua cd in my mom's van and listened to it most of the way. (If you're not familiar with Aqua, their main claim to fame was a song entitled "I'm a Barbie Girl". Real classy material.) We had a blast dancing and singing along even though my mom teased us incessantly. Of course, she didn't have much room to talk: she & Margie were grooving to Neil Diamond. ;)

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