Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello Seattle

[L to R: Random Dude with Sunglasses, Me, Cass, Randy, Riley]

My mom and I wanted to take my little brothers on a mini vacation before school starts for the year. Unfortunately, one major obstacle stood in our way: where should we go??

After much debate, we decided on Seattle. My mom's last visit was about two decades ago and my brothers had never been there. We made this decision late Friday night, booked a hotel on Saturday morning, and then hit the road. Nothing like spontaneity, eh? :)

Of course, none of this would have been possible without my AMAZING cousin Cass. She recommended a hotel (conveniently down the street from her apartment), drove us around while acting as a tour guide, hung out in our hotel room playing board games into the wee hours of the night, bought us dinner, and just generally let us barge in on her weekend. All with a smile on her face. Personally, I think she deserves some kind of award for putting up with us.

Oh! And most importantly, she won the heart of my little brother Randy. We're still trying to explain to him why he can't date his cousin... ;)

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