Sunday, April 18, 2010

Funny Farm

Yesterday I spent the whole day with my brothers on our family's farm. We went for a walk, lounged in the grass, hung out with the animals, explored. It was nice to get some quality time with them especially on such a gorgeous day.

Here's a quick glimpse...

This is their chicken, Lucky. My dad has a different name for her -- Henzilla. She's ginormous and tends to keep food away from the other chickens. Once he saw her running across the yard with a whole hot dog bun in her beak. Priceless.

Me & my buddy Clyde. He's a miniature donkey with loads of personality. I think he would be perfect for tv commercials...haha

Never a dull moment with these two. Normally my sister uses this barrel in the horse arena, but the boys have decided that there are much better uses for it. I'm still not sure how they managed to get it all the way from the arena to the yard...

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